The Humble Drum. Connecting to your inner rhythm


The Humble Drum offers professional drum circle and rhythm event facilitation for events, organizations, gatherings, schools and health/wellness facilities.

The events provided  can take on any form depending on the needs of your group – facilitated,  instructional, ceremonial, HeatlhRhythms based (more therapeutic in nature,) or a free-style jam session. 


What are the benefits of drumming?

Drum circles and rhythm events can benefit social groups, classrooms and school assemblies, nursing homes, wellness centers, businesses, shelters… the applications are endless.  All ages and abilities are able to participate – a drum circle is the ultimate inclusive activity.  Drums of all sizes and shapes, bells, gourds, shakers, wooden sticks, even our bodies and voices can be used to produce unifying music! Drumming creates a sense of community, team-building, wellness, stress reduction, self-expression, exercise and FUN to all who participate.

Drumming meets the criteria expected for most community organizations:

Physical: Drumming is an all inclusive activity, able to be performed by anyone at any physical level. Being able to participate provides positive self-esteem and a sense of self-control.

Spiritual: For many people, drumming gives a connection to their spiritual selves, regardless of beliefs. Peace, tranquility and relaxation are all achieved through drumming. Meditation and guided imagery can also be used with drumming.

Emotional: Drumming provides a way to express yourself without using words. Stress reduction, stimulation, joy, awareness, sharing… drumming is an effective means for restoring a sense of inner balance amidst the challenges of life.

Intellectual: Creating rhythm together stimulates various memory and cognitive functions in our brains. Many times songs familiar to a generation are used as a basis of the rhythms, providing a stable foundation for mental stimulation.

Social: A drum circle is perfect for building community. It’s all-inclusive, experience is not necessary to participate and all abilities are able to be a part of the group. Communication and social skills are translated onto the drums in a fun, enjoyable way. Even those who choose to “just listen” are participating and receiving the same benefits.

Vocational: Everyone is able to contribute something to the circle, even those without any prior musical training. Simple games and activities are used to encourage all to participate.